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Clutter, clutter, clutter 


“I’ve never actually used this. Why did I buy it again?”

“I knew I put it somewhere but I can’t find it under this mountain of junk…”

“So many clothes and yet I haven’t got a stitch to wear!”

If any of these scenarios seem familiar to you, then you’ve got it bad, my friend. We’re talking to all you hoarders, more-ders, buyers, acquirers, accumulators and obliterate-your-room-a-nators. You’ve got too much stuff! And not only is it blowing a hole in your finances, but it’s also probably not making you that happy either.

It is a preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly. – Bertrand Russell

Go minimal 


You’ve probably heard of minimalism in art – but what about minimalism as a way of life? It started with folding shirts (we’re not kidding) and has now become a worldwide phenomenon, with hundreds of blogs dedicated to the art of minimalism (this one probably being the coolest). Often described as tech nomads, modern-day minimalists eschew lots of belongings in favour of a compact lifestyle they can fit in a rucksack. Followers rave about the financial and psychological benefits – but what if you’re not sure? Dip your toe in the water with our suggestions.


Have a declutter day 


Set aside a day to go through your stuff. You can even ask a mate to help you out. Has some of your clutter outlived its purpose? Did it ever even have a purpose? Be ruthless and part with items that you just know won’t get used. It can be painful to face up to buying calamities, but you need to cut your losses. Remember our mindful spending checklist? Only make way for new items if your existing stuff is worn out, can’t be used anymore or wasn’t right in the first place. Try the KonMari Method.


Get organised!


Muji, Ikea or even Poundland – all offer storage solutions like boxes, drawers and shelves to tuck essential things away. Having a logical storage system means you know where everything is and will stop you buying two of the same. And sort out your threads: group your clothes together and fold neatly. You’ll save time and space, and your clothes will look cool rather than crumpled.


Make money off your stuff 


You could offload through eBay or Gumtree, although local classified sites will save you postage costs if the items can be picked up. You can even trade in old phones, books and DVDS but make sure you shop around for different valuations – this article explains why. Alternatively, do a good deed by donating to charity shops, giving our stuff away to friends or using a free recycling scheme to minimise waste.

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