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Want to go on a well-deserved holiday next year but finding that your bank balance is throwing shade back at you? Don’t worry. Travel can be cheap if you use some savvy tips and tricks. Here are 9 of our best tips on booking your holiday, and what to do once you get there.


Grab a cheap flight deal

Skyscanner, Hopper and Secret Flying are three amazing websites that all have the same purpose: they want to save you money on your next flight! Yet, the way they do it is different, and that makes it worth it to use all three of their powers combined to find, compare and bag the best flight offers.

1| Skyscanner

Skyscanner are the go-to tool for your next flight search. They compare many airlines, other flight-comparison sites and third-party companies to offer you the best deals available. The best thing about their site? Their “Open-Destination” tool. Put in the location that you want to leave from and type “everywhere” as your destination. The tool will automatically offer you amazing deals from all over the world, sorted by price. You’ll find destinations you may not have initially thought of and end up on an adventure you were dreaming of!

2| Hopper

Hopper shows you the best time and dates when to book your next flight. Although the prices shown are not the cheapest, you get a great overview over the price changes within the upcoming weeks. You also get a forecast whether prices will increase or if you have a chance to get them cheaper anytime soon.

3|Secret Flying

This website is your key to brilliant error-fares, last-minute deals and crazy cheap flights all over the net. You can search for the regions you want to travel from or to and once you find an error-fare, you better run for your credit card and get those details into the system. These flights are like hotcakes!


Consider staying in your own country

4| For a cheap holiday, why not consider staying on the land you’re currently in? England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are so different and incredibly beautiful! Have you never been up north? Travel up there and see what everyone is raving about! Have you never visited the beaches in the south-west? We have some of the best golden sands and surfing spots ever! Stay in the UK and enjoy what it has to offer!


Stay in the coolest places for the best price

One way to save money while booking your next trip is to think twice about your accommodation. But that doesn’t mean you must cut down on the quality. With some planning and travel hacks, you can bag an awesome place to sleep for very little money.

5| Agoda

Agoda are amazing. Put in the dates and location you are looking for, and Agoda will come up with all kind of results. From hostels, guesthouses and boutique hotels to fancy luxury hotels, the accommodation to suit any style. Most importantly, you can’t beat the deals here, since the site offers sometimes up to a 75% discount! And don’t forget to collect your points that you can later redeem for free nights! Yay!

6| Airbnb

For a wonderful local experience, choose to stay in accommodation provided by the local community. Airbnb is the place to rent cool rooms, apartments or even tree houses from people around the world for affordable prices. You can check out these awesome homes on the website or mobile app and see what previous guests have said about the place and the host in their reviews. With your personal referral code, you can invite friends and get credit for your next booking too. That’s a real deal.

7| Walk-In and Ask

You won’t believe how much you will be able to save if you look for your accommodation, once you arrive at your destination. Walking around and asking the places which you like the look of, if they have a room, is instantly going to make the price you pay cheaper. All hoteliers need to pay a commission (usually between 10 – 25%) to advertise their accommodation online, so walking around and asking directly is an easy travel hack to adopt!  


Budget for your trip

8| Calculate your budget upfront –

Not sure how much money to plan for your entire trip? Budget Your Trip have the solution. This site is full of worldwide destinations and will tell you the average prices on food, accommodation and transport.


Go take that well-deserved break! With a little bit of planning, you will be saving your pennies and taking a trip of a lifetime.



Alice is a travel blogger and founder of Tea Cake Travels –