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Part time job – retail, waitressing…etc

Let’s crack out the obvious. Part-time job. Quite literally a necessity for pretty much most of us. As I hit my two-year anniversary at H&M I reflect on how excited I was that I’d bagged myself a job just three days into my degree. My mum also, was absolutely buzzing…I could be used for discount of course.  9 times out of 10 those weekends will have to be let go. Unless I took time off, I don’t know what a weekend is anymore…it’s the part of the week everyone looks forward too yet I’m not too sure that counts for me. While, we’d all want those weekends to be dedicated to the sesh, because who doesn’t love a Saturday night out, unless you’re rock and roll I wouldn’t be getting up for work at 6am after a heavy night and strolling into work like I’ve just stepped off the set of The Walking Dead. It is not all bad when it comes to payday. I do love that word. Payday…rich for one day and skint until the next one.

But hold on, who says you have go out to work?

Online work

Yes, working from home actually does exist. If you’re lucky enough through your research you can keep those pj’s on and work from your bed. Everyone would love a job that entitles us to bring our duvet to work so it is a match made in heaven. Work from your laptop and you can still get a decent penny or two. Some of the best business start from home, you have websites like Depop and eBay where you can sell your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories. Just think, the more room you make the newer stuff you can fill those empty spaces with. Or better yet, starting a little business. You can sell anything, from phone cases to badges to whatever your creative mind can make and find a gap in the market. It can stem from personal experiences and doesn’t have to just be about selling.


I didn’t choose the sesh life the sesh life chose me. A perfect job match, is right under your nose. Promote the biggest nights on campus, the biggest nights in the local clubs and I’m pretty sure there are perks in there for you too and not just being paid. It can be simple as handing out leaflets and writing a status or a tweet for an upcoming event. Promoting also, doesn’t have to be for the university or for club events, there are companies that are specialist operators looking for a little promotion.

You could even consider becoming a tutor. There is always someone in need of that little bit of extra help alongside their studies and if the subject is something you can crack then why not share the knowledge.


Summer breaks during university are usually extensively long (and no one is complaining). I would love four months off even when I leave but that totally won’t happen. So how about a summer internship. Find something that coincides with your studies, pursue future opportunities, get some experience for that future career while filling up your CV. Employers are all about experience, it is certainly a way to find out what path is right for you. Earn some extra cash over summer but with that some knowledge about that job you’d been considering for when you graduate.

Work for your university

Student union’s. On-campus shops. Open days. Fresher’s tours. You name it. what’s more is that whoever your employer may be, they’ll understand those awkward lecture timetables and find a way around them. How much you earn depends on how much you put in. The more hours the better of course but if that means you are doing those assignments at 3am…you might want to consider less.

Chloe is just starting her third year of a Journalism & Creative Writing course at the University of Hertfordshire. You can find her on twitter @_ohheyitschlo.