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Money, money, money. We all like it, yet we still don’t have enough. Being a student can be tough on your bank balance and we totally get it. Yet there so many simple and cool ways to learn how to budget and save your money. And all you need is your phone. Take a seat and save yourself some cash right here with these five awesome money-saving technological tricks.

Money Lover (Android & iOS) 

The name of the app makes us want to download it immediately. Money Lover!? Yes please! But what’s it all about?

If you really want to keep track of your spending, Money Lover helps you with your weekly, monthly and yearly budget. You can create a wallet and track all your daily expenses. You can choose from a whole bunch of categories such as food and drink, rentals, phone bills and health and beauty. Want to create extra categories? No problem! Forgetful? You can set a daily reminder to make sure you input it all.

By the end of every month, you can check the report, see what you’re spending your money on and adjust accordingly. Adulting has never been so easy.

mySupermarket (Android & iOS) 

My Supermarket is the coolest app to save you money on your shop. Create a shopping list with the items you love to buy and the app will show you in which store you can get the best deals. You can even get personalised vouchers for a better and cheaper shopping experience. Now who said technology couldn’t stop you from being the best housemate ever?

Vouchercloud (Android, Blackberry & iOS) 

Talking about vouchers…wow. Vouchercloud gives us money off so many things, we can’t quite believe our luck. From food, cinema tickets and our favourite high street stores to cheap bus tickets and money off books, Vouchercloud have got your covered. As soon as you find a deal you’d like to use, simply click the “Use Voucher” button, then you can present the code at checkout. Isn’t it great when life is saving you pennies?

Onavo Protect (Android & iOS)

The Onavo Project helps you save money with the data usage on your phone, allowing you to take control of how much data you’re using by notifying you when you really start to go overboard. By using the app, you can reduce the usage of your data on your phone by up to 80%! We’re crossing our fingers and toes for that. Onavo will also block potentially dangerous sites and secure your personal information. Happy surfing!

Love The Sales (Website / Mobile Site) 

Want to score a date with that certain someone you’ve been checking out? Looking to update your look so you’re pretty damn fine? It’s the end of the month though and you’re broke. What are you going to do?! No problem. Love the Sales lists all the biggest retailers’ sales in one place so you don’t have to go rummaging through endless stores. Sit on the sofa, find the best deal for you and you’re sorted.

Being a student, saving money, budgeting and looking like a rock star is hard work. But with these 5 tricks, you’ve just made it all a little bit easier.


Alice is a travel blogger and founder of Tea Cake Travels –