Taking your debit card on nights out

Stop right there and put that debit card down. Fresher’s week, everyone is new and there is always a flat throwing a pre-sesh to the sesh. So a tip; withdraw what you need before you go out, you’ll feel better knowing that you haven’t got to face the damage when you next log-in to online banking. There’s a high chance or shall we just say a guarantee that you won’t be tracking how many times you tap that card on the pin machine throughout the night. Save yourself some added pain on top of that hangover.

Living on takeaways

Okay, so we don’t always have a lot of time to get ready before a night out or we’ve spent the past day nursing a hangover or we just can’t be bothered to cook so takeaways are the sole solution. It’s hard to steer clear entirely when Dominoes have a stand at the fresher’s fair and constantly have some form of offer or discount going and albeit the best is when the flat chips in as they offer 50% off your order but it just might be a little better every so often as opposed to being a reliable source. Food shopping. I have made this a priority to what I spend money on, if you have a full fridge you’re good to go. It is something that can be cheap if you compare prices and don’t shun unbranded/supermarket branded food – sometimes where hidden gems lie. If you have some form of organisation there is of course meal prep, it’s almost as though there is more time in the day when you don’t have to stare into the fridge for ages trying to decide what to have when you’ve organised your food the night before.

Part-time jobs

Yes, it does technically mean 9 times out of 10 saying goodbye to weekends. Yet the biggest advantage that comes with finding a part-time job is the money not to mention the independence. While it may be nowhere near, what you want for the future you, it’s fitting to the present you, who needs to eat. Once, you prioritise what you need from that pay check there may be a little left over for some retail therapy or save – it’s never too late and there’s no amount that is too little (okay maybe anything less than five pounds but if that’s all you’ve got than anything is better than nothing). Savings can be like a safety net, preparation for a sudden emergency, something for a long-term goal or for the near future because you really do need that new top or maybe those jeans.


Right, whose bright idea was it to splash the cash (that’s technically the banks) on drinks, takeaways, outfits you only wear once or not even at all, memberships that seem a good idea but give it a week and you’ll be able to count how many you haven’t been to. That’s right. You. Drunk or even sober you have fallen into the overdraft trap – it’s not quite free money – but it’s nice to feel like it is (for that split second, you’re spending it). loading up the online banking login peering through your fingers is not the way – don’t use it to survive.

Student account

Vital. Essential. Separate your money before it’s too late. Realistically, what you don’t see is what you don’t have. I know for many that student loan belongs to a certain Mr Accommodation fee’s – not just some of it but the whole shebang. When the student loan drops, it can be a beautiful sight. Save yourself the sudden panic of not being able to afford your rent before you splash the cash.

Buying those module essentials

Chances are, you’ll buy those books required on the reading list and they’ll just sit and collect dust for the year. Preparation might be key, but you’re not going to open half the books you have just invested in. The library probably stocks them. Your lecturer will have a spare copy. There’ll probably be a website that has the key parts you might need or it’ll be printed off in class.


Chloe is just starting her third year of a Journalism & Creative Writing course at the University of Hertfordshire. You can find her on twitter @_ohheyitschlo.