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Imagine a competition where you could win prizes by learning about personal finance and improving your money skills, as you help your uni or college get bragging rights…

Oh wait – there is.

Unibattle is back for its sixth year! 🥳


What is Unibattle?

During the Unibattle fortnight – this year, between 7th-18th November, not including weekends – students at universities and colleges around the world complete personal finance video lessons on our platform. 

The more lessons you complete, the higher your uni or college will climb up the leaderboard.

At 3pm on the 18th November, the uni or college that sits at the top of the leaderboard will be crowned the Money Smartest 2022! 👑

Find out if your uni or college is taking part.


Why should I get involved?

Unibattle is a time to prioritise your financial wellbeing and further your financial education.

The competition can give you that extra motivation to learn more about personal finance.

Money worries affect every area of life and we know these worries are growing as the cost of living and energy crisis continues.

So the more you know about money, the more confidence you’ll have, and the better off you’ll be. 👌 

There are also plenty of great prizes on offer during Unibattle, including some that will help a bit with the cost of living crisis.

All you have to do is complete video lessons in the Blackbullion platform. Furthering your financial wellbeing is reason enough to get involved, but these prizes are a nice reward for investing in yourself.

You can find the full list of prizes below. 👇

Not only that, but you’ll help your uni or college climb the leaderboard and be crowned the Money Smartest – and that’s surely something to brag about.



🎧 AirPods

⌚ FitBit Charge 5

🤑 2x £100 cash

👨‍🍳 Nutribullet + nutribullet recipe book

📺 A year’s subscription to a platform of your choice (paid or reimbursed)

📸 KODAK Step Instant Photo Printer

🍳 COOK £50 voucher

💻 ASUS Chromebook

🍟 Air fryer + air fryer recipe book


Plus there’s a £10 cash prize or donation to a charity of your choice available every weekday. 🙏


How to get involved

To help your uni or college climb the leaderboard and enter the prize draw: 


Remember to check the T&Cs to see if your uni or college is taking part in Unibattle 2022. 

(If they’re not, you can still do some learning but won’t be able to enter the prize draw.)


Where can you keep up with Unibattle 2022?

We’ll be posting daily updates on our Instagram Stories.

It’s where we’ll announce all daily prize winners, give daily leaderboard updates and let you know what prizes are up for grabs each day.

So make sure you’re following us! (@blackbullion)

You can also check out the Unibattle page at any time, where you’ll find the T&Cs, the full list of prizes and a live leaderboard. 

Head to the Unibattle page and take part!


Unibattle prizes by day.

Unibattle terms and conditions.