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Managing your money isn’t always easy. We’ve all made mistakes and decisions with our money that we’re not proud of – and lots of them, at that. 😅 But that’s ok! It’s learning from these that’s important. 

And from buying guilty pleasures to bigger money mishaps, it’s comforting to know that usually, when it comes to money, no one’s perfect and you’re not the first to make the mistake. So get ready for Money Confessions! 👂

“I haven’t looked at my balance in so long, I’m scared to 😅”


What is Money Confessions all about?

During Money Confessions, our Instagram Stories will become a place where you can go to share your ‘money confessions’ and biggest money mistakes. You’ll also be able to read other students’ entries to learn from others and help you avoid making the same financial mistakes in the future. 

This will be a safe space, with all confessions anonymised before being shared on our Stories. Join in and see that you’re not alone, especially when it comes to: 

  • Takeaway addictions 🥡
  • Bad debt 💳
  • Excessive risk 🚫
  • and impulse shopping! 🛍


Why share your money confession with us? 

By sharing your money mistake anonymously on our Stories, other students can feel comforted to see that there are people out there struggling through the same things as them. You’ll also pave the way for others, helping them to avoid the mistakes you’ve made.

Plus, all entries will go into a prize draw for the chance to win £50! 😻

There’s one prize of £50 up for grabs during each monthly instalment of Money Confessions – so that’s one in May, one in June and one in July. 

The winner will be given the choice of being paid £50 or we will make a £50 donation in the winner’s name to a charity of their choice. 

Full terms and conditions here. 


How to get involved

Head to our Instagram during the Money Confessions weeks (dates below) and read other students’ money confessions on our Stories. 

There will be a question box on our Story each day, for you to submit your confession. Check out the examples below for inspiration and to see the types of things students told us last year. 

To enter the prize draw, make sure you’ve created a free Blackbullion account, where you’ll also be able to develop your money skills and grow your financial wellbeing with the financial learning we have on offer. 👊


The Money Confessions 2022 dates are:

  • May 9th-13th
  • June 6th-10th
  • July 4th-8th 


Need some inspo for your entry?

Take a look at some of last year’s Money Confessions entries for some inspiration:

“I like to see my money in the form of clothes hanging in my wardrobe 😩 I’m trying to change that!”

“I got myself in debt to keep up with my friends.”

“Spent my £1,200 student loan in 3 weeks, was meant to last me 3 months 😅”

“Getting sucked into too many student discounts & deals and forgetting I’m spending more”

“I withdrew my money thinking it would cancel my Spotify, now I’m in my overdraft 🙄”

“I entered a radio competition so many times my phone bill was over £200 😱 felt so stupid!”

“Contactless was the worst thing to happen to me. Tap tap tap”

“I’ve eaten out every night this week when I really shouldn’t of. Cereal for dinner next week 😰”

“I spent money on a vet for my dog and then I couldn’t afford my rent lol”

“Did I really need to spend £90 on a mobile controlled self-warming mug? Probably not…”


You can have a look at more of last year’s money confessions here.

We’re looking forward to hearing about all of your money mistakes! 👂


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