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It’s not coming home, but let’s face it – you’d also rather be going away. 🛫

Boris’ announcement that we are going to need to start living with Covid but that many restrictions will be lifted got us (and maybe you too) thinking about taking a damned holiday! So to keep life easy we’ve shown you how much you need to save, each week, in order to pay for that break.

Whether you want to go to the Cotswolds for a long weekend, or Miami for a fortnight, we’ve done the maths so you know how much cash you need to stash. As is always the case with saving for something you either need time (to be booking a holiday for a long time ahead) or you need money (if you want to be going away soon).

If you’re looking at a cheap(ish) holiday next year then cutting out that avocado toast brunch really is all you need to do! 🥑🍞 If you are looking to get away sooner then you may need to think about getting a bit more aggressive and either making some deeper cuts or considering a side hustle to earn more.

So look below – decide what kind of holiday you want and when you want to take it and you’ll see approximately how much you need to be setting aside, each week, to achieve your goal (of course, this is correct as of the week this blog went out, so each week you wait you need to be setting aside a little bit more). 💰

Make the most of your time. It’s the only thing you can’t get more of in the future!

Holiday cost Summer Bank Holiday 2021 (6 weeks) Christmas Holidays 2021 (20 weeks) Early May Bank Holiday 2022 (40 weeks) Spring Bank Holiday 2022 (44 weeks) Summer Bank Holiday 2022 (56 weeks)
£300 £50.00 £15.00 £7.50 £6.82 £5.36
£500 £83.33 £25.00 £12.50 £11.36 £8.93
£750 £125.00 £37.50 £18.75 £17.05 £13.39
£1,000 £166.67 £50.00 £25.00 £22.73 £17.86
£2,000 £333.33 £100.00 £50.00 £45.45 £35.71


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