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What is Money Confessions all about?

When it comes to finances, many of us have made mistakes and decisions we are not very proud of. But we believe learning from mistakes is a great way to avoid financial problems in the future – and admitting is often the first step! 🙇

During Money Confessions, our Instagram stories and DMs become a place to come and share your ‘money confession’. From buying guilty pleasures to big money mistakes (such as spending your entire student loan within the first 2 weeks), you will be able to share your struggles and read other people’s entries, too, so you can see you’re not alone.

This is a safe space to share, with all of the confessions being anonymised before posting for your peers to read. It’s a great place to learn about the biggest financial challenges students face including:

  • Bad debt
  • Gambling
  • Excessive risk
  • Impulse shopping

Plus, all entries will go into a prize draw! 🏆



During each monthly campaign, all current campaign entries go into a £50 Amazon voucher prize draw. 

(All entries are displayed as anonymous, and we will ensure that the winning entries have an account on Blackbullion).

Terms and conditions apply.


How can you take part?

Submit your money confession on Blackbullion’s Instagram Stories during the campaign weeks or DM and join Blackbullion to learn how to be smarter with your money in the future.


Upcoming Money Confessions Dates:


May: 17th – 21st 2021

June: 14th – 18th 2021

July: 19th – 23rd 2021


Need some inspo for your entry?

Check out some entries from the April confessions:

“In my first year, my student loan went fast and I had £1 to last for the rest of term.”

“I was overusing overdrafts as if they were free money and really struggled to get out of them.”

“I got myself in debt to keep up with my friends.”

“When I get stressed I go shopping (as if I have money coming in regularly, which I don’t)”

“I signed a 12-month gym contract and didn’t think much of it until the free trial ended. They told me it was ‘rolling monthly payments’ so I thought that meant I could cancel at any point. Turns out I had signed up and I was stuck. I wish I read the fine print/online reviews and waited to consider my options!”