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Building good money skills doesn’t happen overnight. Financial wellness is a marathon, not a sprint. Join our marathon learning challenge to build your financial muscle and get financially fit! Plus loads of prizes to be won for those of you who finish our marathon!


Marathon ‘Route’ 


We’ve created a route of about 1 hour of learning for you to complete over the week, in order to collect the badge and enter a prize draw. 

Warming up: Budgeting 101 (15min)

The run: Savings (18 min), Debt (21 min)

Final sprint: Inflation (11 min)


When does it take place?


This campaign takes place from 1st-12th March 2021.


How can I take part?


Collect the Digital Runner badge and you will go directly into the prize draw.


How to collect the badge?


Finish the marathon route of 4 pathways to collect the badge. You can complete the pathways in any order. 


What can I win?


Everyone who collects the Digital Runner badge during the promotional period (1-12th March 2021) will automatically go into a prize draw to win one of ten FitBit3! 


Can I see full terms and conditions?


Sure, you can find T&C for this campaign here


What if I have already done some of these learning pathways?  


If you have previously completed any of the pathways, you don’t have to do them again. As long as you collect your Digital Runner badge during the promotional period 1-12th March, you will be included in the prize draw. 

Start your Marathon and good luck to all!