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Vision Boards


You may consider creating a vision board to be a waste of time, or a bit wishy-washy. After all, how often do you do arts and crafts these days? 

But vision boards that visually represent your dreams and goals is a great way to help you stay focused, keep your motivation going, and build the necessary confidence that what you want is, in fact, what you can get (if you work for it!). 

A 2016 survey with small business owners shows that people who imagine their financial and business goals are more confident they will achieve them than people who don’t. It works for fitness, so why not for finance?

Create your own financial future


Use your #stayathome time to create your own vision board, to help you stay on track for the future you really want. Unleash your creative side by visualising your financial future! After all you probably have some free time at the moment. 😉

What you’ll need:


  • A large piece of paper
  • Old magazines/photos
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker pens
  • Imagination 🦄



1. Look through magazines and find pictures that inspire you. 

Take your time with this, after all, we often don’t think about what we really want, and the reasons behind it. 

2. Select a few to represent your future goals and dreams.

Think of different areas of your life and include images to represent different areas of your future life. This can include:

  • a dream home
  • career/work environment
  • how you’d spend leisure time
  • your dream job
  • the perfect car
  • sports you would do
  • your future social circles
  • clothes you’ll wear
  • family vacations
  • fitness levels
  • foods

Remember! Wealth is not just about fancy cars and money. Include lifestyle, health and wellbeing goals that truly represent your dream future. 

3. Give each category a heading. 

Think of why you chose that image specifically and what inspired you about it. Try to give your images some more context by putting headings or categories for your board. Eg: ‘dream home’, ‘health’, ‘financial wealth’, ‘family life’ etc.

4. Glue images in place on the piece of paper and add the headings.

Just go with the flow and stick them wherever you want! This is the creative bit, you can keep it organised, or free-styled. As long as it appeals to you, that is all that counts. 

5. Stick your board on the wall! 

Ideally, where you can see it daily! We hope this will inspire you every day to get closer to your goals.

6. If you wish, share your board with us (by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter)

We’ll be giving away Amazon vouchers for the first 10 posted entries!

Some inspiration for you:


You can download printable inspirational cards here.

If you are in a growth mindset and still have some time left over visit Blackbullion for some free financial education! 😉