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Here’s what’s cracking…🐣

Easterfest is a one-week competition held in our platform to help you become #moneysmart. As the country continues to be on a lockdown, we thought a bit of fun with a digital easter egg hunt will take some of that constant breaking news anxiety away.

We’ve hidden 5 different Easter Egg badges inside the platform and are challenging you all to find them! A single Easter Egg Badge will be released daily, and we’ll post a clue to help you find it. Most of the ‘hunting’ will also involve you developing some new knowledge on finances, from budgeting to investing – we tried to keep it interesting and challenging. 

From the 30th March – 3rd April, students using Blackbullion can enter five prize draws for a chance to win five awesome prizes. The lucky winners will be announced daily. 

How can I win? 🐇

To join the competition, simply log in between 30th March – 3rd April and start collecting the Easter Egg badges. These are limited edition badges, only available during Easterfest. Easter Badge Hunt clues below…

Day 1 Clue: Stop by and say hi!

Day 2 Clue: Is milk more pricey this year? 

Day 3 Clue: It’s a risky business

Day 4 Clue: What’s your score? 

Day 5 Clue: Invest in yourself

Prize rules:

We’ll be picking one £50 amazon voucher winner daily throughout the week. To enter the daily prize draw you need to collect the Easter Egg badge from that day. Students who collect all 5 badges will automatically enter the draw for the Beats headphones, taking place on the 6th April 2020 at 2pm. 

Terms & Conditions apply.