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It’s the holiday season once again, and with the lead up to Christmas comes the inevitability of a drained bank account, a maxed out credit card and the conviction that ‘next year you won’t spend so much!’ This year, follow through on that promise – here are seven ways to save money this season while still enjoying a truly magical and fulfilling Christmas.

  1. Get crafty – You don’t have to be a DIY king or queen to flex your creative muscle this season and make lovely handmade gifts for your friends and family at a fraction of the cost of store bought presents. Focus on useful yet fun crafts that utilise common place materials and fit within your skill abilities – Pinterest can be an excellent place to find ideas.
  2. Unleash your inner chef – Creating home made edible gifts is also a fantastic way to save money. Consider infusing your own cooking oils, making jars of chutney or baking delicious baked good – these culinary gifts will please everyone on your list.
  3. Shop early, and year round – Few of us are so prepared, but if you can start thinking about next Christmas right around, say, Boxing Day – you will save heaps of money, not just on gifts, but also on wrapping paper, ribbons and cello tape.
  4. Maximise gift cards – Purchasing gift cards around the holiday season can often come with attractive perks; many stores offer vouchers and additional gift card values that can be redeemed during the slower shopping months when you spend a minimum on gift cards at this time of year. Take advantage and you’ll save a bundle.
  5. Shop with a list – Heading out to the mall or the high street with only a vague idea of what you want to buy your friends and family can result in over spending; your wallet will be much better off if you strictly plan the gifts you plan to buy.
  6. Search online – Before you spend your limited money in a brick and mortar shop you should do your research and search online – sites such as Ebay and Amazon often offer incredible deals that can undercut traditional shops by a huge percentage. While this is not always the case, it is certainly worth a look.
  7. Live with a little less – Do you need that new Christmas jumper when last year’s is in perfectly good condition? Is that last round at the pub necessary – for both your pocketbook and your liver? Could little Sally do without that one extra toy in the mountain under the tree? Living with a little less this season can be a good way to reflect on the things that are truly important – family, friends, peace and wellbeing.

By simply implementing just one or two of these money saving holiday tips you will save loads of money this Christmas and start the new year with more funds in your bank account!