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Pension Awareness Day – why it’s never too soon to start

The UK is facing a challenge – we’re not saving enough for the future. All of us will grow old and will want to retire eventually but we’re simply not prepared or, have no plans on how to support ourselves during retirement.

So, to help spread the awareness during this year’s Pensions Awareness Day taking place today (15th Sept 2019) we’ve collaborated with Pensions Management Institute (PMI) to launch two new Pension Pathways. We want to help students understand what they can do to prepare for their retirement early. After all, when it comes to retirement plans, the sooner we start thinking about it, the easier it will be to achieve the financial goals needed.

The two new pathways are:

Pensions – Introduction

This pathway explains the basics – all you need to know about the UK pension system, including the state pension, eligibility and the history of the system. Think Pensions 101 and you’ll come out winning.

Pensions in the workplace

In this pathway, we’re going deeper into workplace pensions, how they work and what terms such as “salary sacrifice schemes” and “private pension options” actually mean for you. So when you’re ready, say, when a job offer comes through with a benefits package, you can start asking the right questions.

Both learning pathways are available now to all students at Blackbullion partner universities, so go ahead and dive in.