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Did somebody say It’s A-level Results Day? Maybe you’ve been gnashing your teeth waiting for it. Maybe you’ve been dreading it. Whatever the case, today is a big one. It’s a day of decisions, no matter what the result are.

But today’s decision – like the millions of decisions you have made before and the billions yet to come – is neither permanent nor definitively ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

The most important thing is simply to make a decision, whatever it may be. Make one, informed, and sensible decision in the knowledge it might be wrong, and that’s okay!

In life, but especially today, you should make decisions based on facts not fears. Uni can be daunting, stressful and feel very expensive (though the real cost of uni is in living costs, not fears). But, it’s also an amazing opportunity to grow and develop and become the person you are destined to.

3 ways to relax on A-Level results day


Treat yo’self


Absolutely nothing wrong with a good pamper. Get your favourite food in, stick on a classic film or get binging Netflix, maybe run a bath. Low effort high comfort can be very soothing to the nerves!

Be with your BFFs


Your friends are probably going through the exact same thing as you. Talk it through with them, go out, be silly, and relax with them. Friends are also great for keeping your mind off stressful things.



Panicking, worrying and stressing won’t change the outcome. What’s done is done, and you don’t deserve being terrified.

Grab some quiet time, de-stress with some meditation, or just take a few minutes to listen to the sound of your own breathing. You’ve got this!