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If your life is not the way that you dreamed it would be, just know that you have the power to change it by taking one small step at a time.

A massive sweeping overhaul can be intimidating, but you can make real, meaningful changes in your life by tackling one or two aspects at a time. Here are some things that you can start doing in 2018 that will improve your life going forward.


  • Do what the rich do (and live poor) – The rich know one thing that the poor don’t … when you have money in your pocket, don’t spend immediately spend it on luxury goods and travel. Save your money, shop for deals, work on paying down your debt and invest wisely – living frugally is the best way to take you from the lower income levels to the upper classes. The rich live as though they are broke while the broke live as though they are rich…


  • Plan ahead for purchases, big and small – Shopping for goods and services on impulse will drain your bank account and ultimately cause you to feel stress and anxiety about your finances… why do you think everyone is encouraging contactless payments? the less you think about spending the more likely you are to spend. Carefully consider the things that you need (versus the things that you want) and learn to take pleasure in the research process and the hunt for good deals.


  • Decide that learning is worthwhile – Lifelong learning is a commitment to your future; it is a dedication to your own interests and brain elasticity as you get older. Studies have shown that people who continue to learn throughout their life are more likely to stay quick witted and alert into their senior years – choose the subjects that interest you the most and dedicate yourself to learning about them throughout your life. Since you are here anyway why not register for Blackbullion and learn everything you need to create the life you want?


  • Respect your time and spend it wisely – Nothing is more valuable than your time – no money, no real estate and no designer wardrobe can compete with the time you could be spending engaging in activities that you genuinely enjoy with people who you love. Try to filter out the noise and spend less time on social media, video games and in pubs and instead get outside, head to the sea or spend the afternoon at the museum with your kids.


  • Get outside – Getting outside and connecting to nature is one of the best things that you can do for your mental state and day to day attitude. Human beings thrive in natural settings, and yet we tend to hop in our cars or spend only a few minutes walking down the high street to get in the tube, emerging an hour later only to spend all day in our office. Try to get out into the park, forest or seaside at least 3 to 4 times a week – your mental state (and waistline) will thank you.