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…Because You Can’t Buy Love

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year. Assuming you’ve fallen prey to Cupid’s Arrow, you’ll no doubt be wanting date options that value romance over spending a fortune. Have a read at some of the inexpensive, creative, and fun date ideas and get inspired to rock your special someone’s world!

Food Experiment

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Pick a complicated recipe (an easy task for the avid Pinterest-er) or restaurant favourite and make it together. Enjoy the trip to the groceries, stop and buy the drinks (wine) that will compliment your meal. Pop open the bottle, turn up the tunes and let the magic begin. That means taking turns stirring, tasting, sharing the stove, and of course, the cheeky in between kisses.

Game Night

A classic! An entertaining night where you can get your competitive side out and bond at the same. Challenge your date to beat your score at Pac-Man, out maneuver you Dance Dance Revolution, or team up to beat a house full of zombies! At the end of the night, you can use your tickets to buy each other a funny V-Day gift.

Food Trucks

Who doesn’t like food trucks? Yup, everybody likes food trucks. Stroll around and enjoy some grease-o-licious food while soaking up the atmosphere hand-in-hand.

Board Game Night

Forget the usual movie watching and channel your inner child through playing your fave childhood games, the classics (scrabble, monopoly) or the newest hits ( yes, we are talking Settlers of Catan). A way to laugh and bond effortlessly 😉

Bowling Date

Are you ready to challenge your date to a bowling match? A cute date where you can include pizza and get competitive as to who’s a better bowler (maybe even try without the kiddie bumpers)! Bowling is always fun and super cheap.

A night under the stars

Fan of Friends? A visit to the planetarium worked for Ross and Rachel. It can work for you too. There’s nothing more romantic than staring up at the stars, but that’s not an option in the cold winter. The planetarium offers the night-time sky without the frigid temps. Perfect to cuddle up!

Movie marathon

V-Day is the perfect opportunity to watch those film trilogies or series that you keep meaning to watch but never found the time to do so. Pick a movie, pop out the popcorn and snuggle under a comfy blanket.  

Dance Class

Are you ready to have a laugh and make a fool of yourself? Have a hidden talent? Dance classes such as salsa and tango are sexy and perfect for an adventurous Valentine’s day. Salsa classes are offered in many bars in the early afternoon. Ideal to fit in a relaxing drink after class.

A Comedy Night

Go to your local comedy club for a Valentine’s Day-themed show, and laugh the night away. Another option is to watch a stand-up show on Netflix with a home-cooked meal. Perfect for those cold days when you don’t want to leave the house!

Second first date

Reminisce back to where it all started and recreate your first date. Where did you go? What did you eat? What song was playing? How many details can you recall from your first kiss?

An Extra for those who want to get a little gift as well…

The £5 Gift

Set yourselves a budget of £5. Creativity is unlimited, head over to Poundland for ideas, then add your own homemade inspiration to make something thoughtful and meaningful (but that won’t break your bank)!

That’s all, you lovebirds!

Have yourselves a very romantic valentines day!