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Let’s say you’re a superhero. Let’s say you can have any number of superpowers that you want.

Got them? Great.

You save the planet on a daily basis from all the evils of this world and beyond. Everyone on this planet loves you, and you love doing your job.

But every superhero has a weakness. Yours happens to be this: as soon as your bank balance drops below a certain amount you lose all your powers.

Now you do get a set amount of money from the Superhero Bank three times a year which you need to budget from, but you’ve just spent all that before the next instalment.

There are a handful of other ways to get more money, however, so you need to decide which are the best, and least risky, options.

(And, no, you can’t use your superpowers to rob banks or rich people to avoid ever having a low bank balance. You’re a superhero, not a villain.)

You see where we’re going with this…

Your superpowers are your abilities to study, to focus, to socialise and be smart with your money, but if you get into financial difficulty you might start to lose these abilities due to the stress it causes. As a result, you might resort to risky behaviour to get more money, like gambling, overspending on credit cards or taking out high-interest loans.

Blackbullion’s new module addresses all sorts of issues related to financial and emotional risk and explores how to avoid or manage the potential results of these risks.

We look into:

The concept of instant gratification and how to manage it.

Understanding credit cards, their lingo, and how to use them sensibly.

How payday loans work, what you need to watch out for, and alternatives to them.

Understanding secured and unsecured loans.

Matched betting and how it is not ‘risk-free’.

The dangers of online gambling.

Cyber security, how to stay safe online and how to spot a scam.

Saving for an emergency fund in case things go wrong.

To access this free platform, simply register at blackbullion, you heroes.