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At this time of year stress can rear its ugly head as a result of exams, deadlines, revision and all the thoughts that go along with them. Every student in the country will be stressed around now, so don’t worry if you’re feeling the pressure – it’s totally normal.

There are lots of these types of lists online so these are by no means the definitive answers, however, we believe if you follow these tips your stress levels will be much more manageable

1. Schedule breaks (and get outside!)

Too many students (and people in general, to be honest) work for too many hours in a row and either burn themselves out, or end up staring at their screen getting nothing done. This is why it’s so important to schedule breaks into your studying schedule (oh yeah, you should have a studying schedule too, by the way).

If you can, go for a walk to clear your mind and you’ll come back to your work with fresh eyes. Studies show that taking a 10-minute break every 45-90 minutes will result in your brain functioning better and retaining more information.

2. Give social media a rest

Social media are the mortal enemy of concentration, so banish them from your kingdom! (aka study area). A good tip is to swap phones (turned off) with your housemates or other friends studying nearby so that you cannot physically access your social media accounts.

As for laptops, there are web apps and plugins available to limit social media use on your browsers. Of course, there’s also good old-fashioned self-restraint.

Now excuse me while I check my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat accounts…

(2 hours later…)

3. Eat, sleep and drink well

We’re sure you’ve heard this countless times, but it’s worth reinforcing. Avoid junk food, eat plenty of fruit and veggies, and have a super fulfilling breakfast. It’s not expensive to eat healthily – check out Blackbullion’s simple, healthy and cheap recipes here (add links?)

When we say ‘drink well’, we mean try to avoid alcohol and caffeine during this time of year. Or at least cut down on them. Regular consumption of either leads to fatigue, irritability and a reduction in mood and concentration.

And get plenty of sleep!

4. Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an increasingly popular method of meditation which involves checking in on yourself, being aware of the present moment, and breathing. Practising mindfulness helps you to relax, focus your thoughts, and reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Just trying it for ten minutes in the morning and ten in the afternoon can have massively positive effects. Apps such as Headspace and Buddify are great places to start.

5. Finally, see the bigger picture

Remember, there is light (life) at the end of the tunnel (exams & deadlines). If you ever feel like the stress is enveloping you, see tip 1 and take a break, breathe, and realise that exams and deadlines will come to an end.

Good luck to everybody from Blackbullion!