For the price of two pizzas and a bottle of something you too can participate in war games this weekend. Get everyone to bring a bottle. Admittedly this is not our idea… but we love it!

There are plenty of hilarious drinking games out there.

Cost: tenner each


Nothing like seeing how little other people have to make you feel like blessed. Soup kitchens and homeless shelters are always looking for volunteers. Not only rewarding but also a great experience.

Cost: Free (and priceless)

Movie Night

Sign up to the 30 day trial for Amazon/Blinkbox/Netflix/whoever (put a reminder to cancel a week before the last cancellation date into your phone otherwise you’ll get whacked with the full fee). Binge on all those shows and movies you’ve been wanting to see.

Invite mates around and tell everyone to bring a bottle and a snack

Cost: fiver

Romance Ninja

Sweep your bf/gf off their feet and plan a romantic day/evening. Cook a romantic, candlelight, meal, go for a walk into the sunset or don’t leave the house for 24 hurs.

Nothing impresses like effort. Love is creative not expensive

Cost: tenner

Just do it

Get away from the TV and do stuff! Here are some ideas:

  1. Bike around the city and check out all the little side streets and markets on route
  2. Catch up on sleep
  3. Declutter then sell your unwanted books, DVDs, CDs, clothes and old phones etc
  4. Get your CV in order and plan your career
  5. Do acts of kindness for strangers
  6. Do a photography walking tour
  7. Do something you’ve never done before
  8. Free museums, gigs and events happen every weekend in every town. Have a look at Timeout or do a quick Google search in your area.
  9. Get around to all that stuff you are always putting off
  10. Get your finances in order (not sexy but will save your a fortune)
  11. Get your mates together for a game of footy, a run or whatever takes your fancy
  12. Go swimming in the (freezing!) ocean
  13. Meet new people through a meet-up
  14. Plan your next holiday
  15. Read a book

Cost: Cheap