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Watching in awe the weather in Buffalo (rock n’ roll!) we were inspired to share this piece with you about snow and debt and how similar they are

Look at all that pretty white powder, kids sledding and lovely fashion. Ah snow… we love you so.

And then the white powder is gone, compacted and rock hard. You’re trapped, everything is under feet of snow – it’s no longer fun, no longer a giggle – now you can’t even walk for fear of breaking your neck

You need to wait for it to thaw out before you can clear your path, clear the driveway or clear the roads. It takes a lot of work and is a lot of hassle.

And when it does finally thaw – it floods! And the flood can do so much more damage than the snow ever did!

What does that have to do with your money?

You see a sale, it’s Black Friday or you got an email about “up to 60% off everything” and you want stuff…

No cash? Now worries! That’s what credit is for!

Must buy new handset/game/clothes/makeup/bling/holiday/insert-whatever… so you do. Ah shopping… we love you so! The buzz of the spend, the buzz of having more stuff…

But then a few weeks later the credit card statement arrives, the email from the payday lender and the amount is bigger than expected (thought it was a sale?!).

But you don’t have the cash to pay off the statements (or even dent them with the minimum payment required) – your student loan just about stretches to cover your life it won’t stretch to this.

Can’t ask the parents, could return the stuff… but it’s just what I always wanted!

So you ignore it, it will go away on its own. Won’t it.

Well – No!

The piper must be paid, the reminders come, then the stern letters and then it’s a flood. There are interest charges on interest charges and it’s all starting to feel a bit out of control.

So what do you do? Think about the thaw before building up the snow.